Differential Repairs

Transmission Service Frankston

We give differential repairs to all makes and models. We have up to date diagnostic equipment to investigate common and complex differential problems; for example,

  • Audible whirring noise when de-accelerating at any speed.
  • Audible rumbling noise as speed is increased.
  • Audible clunking noise when cornering the vehicle.
  • Audible clunking or clanking noise while driving every few meters.

AAA Sure Shift Automation offer same day rebuilds on your differentials and manual gearboxes providing it is organised earlier to the booking day. Our workshop is outfitted with reconditioned automatic/manual transmissions and differentials in stock to furnish our clients with moderate and productive contrasting alternative to get them back on the road at their convenience. We endeavour to meet our client needs with a high state of polished methodology and ability.